Resources for Pregnancy and Postpartum Health + Wellness

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Hi there, mama!
We're here to help you navigate this exciting (and often overwhelming) time by connecting you with expert pregnancy and postpartum health + wellness resources.  This Blog features a collaboration between doulas support, lactation consultants, sleep specialists and more. 
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MotherToBaby: Is it safe for me and my baby?  Free expert pregnancy advice
Is it safe for me and my baby?
Expert, confidential & no-cost information about medications and other exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding by phone, text, email and chat. 
A few highlights:
  • COVID-19: Fact sheets, blogs, podcasts, studies, medical advice and more for pregnancy and breastfeeding during the pandemic.
  • Mental Health: Anxiety and postpartum depression resources, crisis and suicide prevention call and text support.  You are not alone, mama.
  • Local Affiliates: Educational/training events and local resources.
  • PatientsLikeMe: Free, online patient network where people can connect with others who have the same condition, and track and share their own experiences


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