You're Pregnant, Now What?


You've peed on the stick. You've seen the plus sign. You've freaked out with your spouse, your family and your friends. It's finally sunk in: you're going to be a parent! As the excitement abounds so do the nerves, the questions, and the what ifs. You start to do some research and get overwhelmed with the impending decisions...



What childbirth class should I take?
What hospital should I give birth at?
How do I create a birth plan?
What baby gear should I register for?

These decisions and more are what will eventually become part of your birth & postpartum plan, mapping out your vision for the experience you'd like to have. No doubt everyone in your life will have their opinions on how you should birth, what you should read and what you should buy. And while the advice is well-meaning, navigating through it can be a challenge.
I'm not a fan of unsolicited advice, myself, which is why I think hiring a doula is so great.

Doulas provide physical & emotional support along with expertise during pregnancy, labor and early postpartum. Doulas have lots of knowledge about pregnancy, birth and parenting, but without the strong, one-sided opinions.

Ask anyone who's had a baby recently and they'll tell you that todays's society is full of judgments for new parents...whether from family, friends or strangers on the internet. Instead of judging your decisions, your doula trusts that you know exactly what’s best for you and your family. We're there to help facilitate your vision, gather information, and encourage you to trust your instincts. 

That is what we call true, non-judgmental support.

So, Why Hire a Doula?

Imagine having a group of pregnancy, birth, and parenting experts by your side to educate you on your choices, research your options, and put together the best birth & postpartum plan for your family... all without an agenda. That is what our team at Doulas of Long Beach is for! Whether you're looking for a birth doula or postpartum doula (or both!), your care begins in pregnancy and continues well into the postpartum year. With prenatal visits, unlimited phone and email support, physical & emotional comfort in labor and postpartum visits, your doulas are always available to you.

Your birth and postpartum doulas can answer your questions, connect you with local Long Beach resources, walk you through the options available to you at your hospital or birth center, and give you insight on the latest birth and baby gear! Your birth team will provide you with loving, compassionate and non-judgmental support through all of your decisions. 

Sometimes this means being a sounding board as you sort through your feelings about epidurals. Sometimes that means being the person that you rely on for breastfeeding support. It might mean taking care of your partner’s needs by providing space to process and take a breather.  Doula support takes many shapes based on what you need or want. 

The peace of mind you'll receive with Doulas of Long Beach on your team is beyond compare. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to schedule an in-depth phone intake where we'll answer your questions and match you with a great doula in Long Beach! 


ABOUT THE AUTHORDoulas of Long Beach is a personalized matching service connecting parents to pre-screened birth and postpartum doulas. Our vetted providers offer postpartum doula support, overnight baby care, in-home sleep training, in person and virtual birth doula support, and private & virtual childbirth education to families in Long Beach, the South Bay and Los Angeles. 


Through their parent organization, National Baby Co., they offer birth and postpartum matching services in every state in the USA.

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