5 Minutes of [mom]Me Time: Simple Self-Care for the Busy Mama

I LOVE clay.  It transforms my bathroom into the best spa ever – one where I get to pick the music and where I’m completely alone.  Even if it’s just for 5 minutes.  It also gives me a feeling of connectedness.  There’s a reason clays aren’t “organic.”  They aren’t grown or made, so there isn’t room for human error.  They’re naturally sourced, like salt and water.  Putting on a clay mask makes me feel connected to earth in a super simplistic and literal way. 

There are a lot of wonderful clays to choose from, but Moroccan Lava Clay is my absolute favorite.  I added peppermint leaf powder for the sensory impact, and also to give a slight grit for gentle exfoliation when you wash it off.  The amla berry powder gives it a softer side, and makes your face feel like rose petals. 47 iterations later, [mom]Me Time is perfectly balanced and ready to give you spa worthy results in about 5 minutes.

Now, let’s get practical.  You’ve most likely tried pre-mixed clay masks that contain a lot of unidentifiable ingredients that benefit the shelf life of the product but not your skin.  When you’re mixing your own clay mask, you’ll want to start with water, and gradually add the [mom]Me Time dry powder to get to your desired thickness.  If you start by adding the clay mixture, there’s a decent chance you’ll add too much water, and end up wasting product.  By starting with water, you can spill out excess water before you commit the clay.  The mixed product should be easily spreadable but not drippy.  Depending on the thickness, it takes 3-10 minutes to dry, so you’ll want to make it when you’re ready to apply it.

As the clay mask dries on your face you’ll feel it tighten and tingle as it extracts impurities and environmental toxins.  Take a deep breath and enjoy it.

Side note: this is a MOMster’s window to make kids squeal with nervous delight at the sight of your greenish/brownish face.

I let it fully dry, but if you’re in a rush or if it’s at all uncomfortable, wash it off whenever you’re ready.  Your face might look slightly sun-kissed for 5-10 minutes after.  Clay masks deeply cleanse your face, so you’ll want to moisturize right after. 

I mentioned up front that clay is the ultimate multitasker, and it’s not just because it’s a single-product-spa-maker.  It’s also highly effective at clearing up blemishes, and it’s does this dirty work very discretely.  Using a clean eyeshadow brush, brush the dry product over any blemish for a mattifying blemish treatment day or night. 

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