OCM (the "Oil Cleansing Method"): A Natural, Simple and Effective Deep Cleanse

This one was a little counter-intuitive for me at first.  Oil to clean my face?  Absolutely.  In the simplest terms: oils cuts oil.  The oil applied mixes with the natural oil, dirt and environmental toxins that are on your skin, and then strips them away when you wipe it clean with a washcloth.  I’m using the word strip intentionally, because this is a deep cleansing that does leave your face very dry and tight.  Afterwards, make sure to replenish your skin with more oil (see Using Oil to Moisturize). 

The how to: I exclusively use the OCM in the shower to keep it mess-free.  To start, pick out a small washcloth.  You want one with some texture to boost the exfoliation process – think terrycloth.  I use the small baby washcloths you get by the 10 pack, because I’m always looking to lighten my laundry load (and it seems like I have 40+ of them which no longer get much use other than this).  Then, get your hands and face slightly wet, and massage a generous amount of oil into your face, neck and décolletage.  Do this before stepping into the shower since we didn’t invite water to the ingredient list party, and if you do it’s going to grow more uninvited guests (i.e. germs) in your bottle over time.   Step into the shower and continue to work the oil into your skin.  For a nice at home spa experience, either fold up the wet washcloth and rest it over your eyes or drape it over your face and enjoy the aroma of the oil as it works its magic on your skin.  When you’re ready, use the washcloth to gently wipe all oil from your skin. 

If you’re new to this, you’re going to be surprised by how effective the OCM is, and will want to drop your old cleanser like a bad habit.  Overdoing it will overdry you, though – once or twice a week is plenty to give you a clean slate.         

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