How to Enjoy the Wild Ride

Progress is not Linear: Image of a upward sloping loop-di-loop


Competency can be such a comfortable source of confidence and pride.  But if you're curious and brave enough to step outside of that comfort zone, expect your "strut" to be replaced by awkward stumbling as you find your footing...

If you happen to be in the throes of progress' loop-di-loops, remember that growing pains are a sign of growth. 

I like to share what I need to hear, so I hope you take this as a pep talk for both of us: don't be afraid to make mistakes, ask for advice and go back to the drawing board.  If you find yourself overwhelmed, strip away the details and focus on the core one or two goals you have.  As a recovering multi-tasker, I believe we can survive but not thrive when we're spread too thin.  Limiting your focus can help you frame everything in terms of whether or not it's (forgive my former banker vocab) in scope.  Develop your own best practices and systems for repeatability, scalability, and (this one's important for mental health) sustainability.  Iterate, iterate and iterate some more.

You'll get through the growing pains.  And once they're gone, it'll probably be time to try something new again!  So, let's enjoy the wild ride; any other kind is a waste of our valuable time.

We got this.

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