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I'm so happy you're here!  Since you're visiting us, I assume you, like me, are looking for ways to align self-care with planet care.  And, because you're busy and life is complicated enough, you crave simplicity.

That's how my unexpected journey to Seedling Organic Skincare started, actually.  When I was pregnant with my first little one, I couldn't find skincare products I felt safe using.  I already felt guilty about the plastic lotion bottles I was going through each month, and when my mama-bear instincts kicked in, I was suddenly also deeply concerned about what was inside each bottle.  Product after product, I'd take time to research each 5-syllable ingredient in the lengthy list, only to come across a deal-breaker 12 ingredients down…I felt like there was an unspoken “trust me” factor even with brands claiming to be non-toxic and natural.

Since I’ve never met an art or home improvement project I didn’t like, I decided to boycott store-bought skincare products, and signed my mom and I up for a lotion making class.  I loved the prospect about being intentional about my skincare choices, and dove head first down the ingredient rabbit hole. 

If you haven’t made lotion before, you might be surprised to learn that most formulas are 60-80% water!  And, adding water is a bit of a slippery slope (see what I did there? 😉), because then you also have to include a synthetic preservative (questionable at best) as well as emulsifiers (damaging to your natural skin barrier defense), along with a host of other ingredients to counteract those.  So, water was added to my persona non grata list. 

It took a lot of research, trial and error, and some epic fails (like accidentally dying my face Oompa Loompa orange from too much turmeric), but eventually I had a line up of products I loved.  Also, making everything at home allowed me to align my self-care priorities with my sustainability goals.  

When I decided to turn my kitchen crafting into a business, I had busy moms in mind.  I wanted to take care of the care-takers by helping them simplify their own self-care with sustainable skincare products they could feel good about.

Obsessively natural, intentionally simple, sustainable skincare.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story!  I hope you try our products and share your feedback!  If you like the products and mission, please tell friends too: this is a small business, so consider yourself its newest ambassador 💚

Take care,

Britt, Founder of Seedling Organic Skincare

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