Our Origin + Philosophy

Obsessively natural, intentionally simple skincare to get your Glow On.

Born out a mama's need for pregnancy-safe skincare products, all ingredients are OB/GYN reviewed for pregnancy and breastfeeding safety, and all products are hand crafted with love in our Long Beach, CA, USDA organic certified home kitchen.

Glow on, Mama.  You deserve this.


I’m so excited to share these new products with you, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Getting here was an unexpected journey that started when I was pregnant with my first child in 2013.  There’s an amazing mama-bear transformation that takes place as soon as you get the good news that you’re expecting.  My overwhelming need to protect her resulted in (I’ll admit it) serious paranoia about what I ate, drank and put on my skin. 

I opted for natural, organic, GMO free and preservative free choices at the grocery store, but figuring out pregnancy safe skincare was less clear.  Lengthy ingredient lists were full of 5+ syllable chemicals that I didn’t have time to research.  So, I opted out of skincare products all together while pregnant and breastfeeding – and missed them almost as much as wine and sushi

When I became pregnant with #2, I started doing more research on safe skincare choices and my wish list started coming into focus.  Figuring out the requirements was easy enough – I’d apply the same standards I have for food: natural, organic, GMO free and preservative free.  Beyond that, I wanted SIMPLE formulations – ingredients I recognized in a list short enough to research on my own.

I had a hard time finding products that checked all of those boxes, so I started making my own.  I quickly learned that any product with water has to include a synthetic preservative or it will spoil within days.  So, water was out.  Hence, the company name: Paraguas (“umbrella”).  Oils, clays, butters, salts, and herbs were in…just the good stuff.  Nothing more, nothing less.

The decision to go natural was intuitive - it just made sense. But figuring out how to go natural wasn’t. I had some epic fails…like the time I dyed my face oompa loompa orange...So, part of my mission is to help you navigate using natural products. Check out some helpful tips in my Self-Care Simplified posts.

In the Fresh Take Blog, I’ll also share behind the scenes stories about starting a natural and organic skincare company. It might start off feeling like a trip down the rabbit hole, but (*spoiler alert*) it gets better as soon as I decided to bring all sourcing and manufacturing in-house. I’m excited and proud to share that all products are hand poured and blended in my USDA organic certified home kitchen.

I welcome your feedback, contributions and questions!   

It takes a village. 

Brittaney Kimmel, Chief Mama Officer